OL Spotlight
Pippa Perriam (2013)
Tuesday 07th May 2024

For our latest OL Spotlight we're delighted to feature Pippa Perriam (2013), a Scotland-based food and travel content creator with over 150,000 followers across her Instagram, TikTok and Substack platforms.

Follow Pippa on Instagram @eatinburgh, where you can also sign her up to Substack newsletter.

Q1. What ignited your passion for food and travel?

"I’ve always loved to cook (and eat!). One of my earliest memories is baking fairy cakes when I was about five years old (let’s be honest, minimally helping with baking and mainly eating the icing). After Loretto, I knew I’d love to work in the food industry. I didn’t want to be a restaurant chef, but I did want to build my knowledge of the fundamentals of cooking and flavour, so I did a three-month, full-time cookery course at the Edinburgh New Town Cookery School. This gave me great knowledge that I have since built upon."

Q2. What led to you becoming a full-time content creator?

“I had been running my account on the side of a full-time job for the past nine years (before influencers were a thing). Last year I was at a crossroads in my career as a Film & TV Location Manager, which coincided with signing a six-month content deal for my Instagram and TikTok pages with Uber Eats. It seemed like a sign to give full-time content creation a go. I haven’t looked back since, and having the time to fully focus my energy on my content - including writing more long form pieces on my Substack newsletter, Eat in Everywhere - has given me so many exciting opportunities and upcoming partnerships (no spoilers I’m afraid!).”

Q3. What do you enjoy most about your career?

“That work never really feels like work! It’s been a long slog to get to this place, so it’s fantastic to see where that work has now got me - I still get excited at every email I receive! I also love it when followers come up to me while I’m out and about to tell me they follow my page and have found a great place to eat or stay because of my recommendations. I started the page to share some of the great places we’re so lucky to have on our doorstep in Edinburgh, so hearing that makes it all worthwhile.”

Q4. What’s been the biggest success of your career so far?

“I recently filmed with the guys at @TopJaw, one of the biggest food and drink social media accounts in the UK. They interview chefs and other well-known figures in the hospitality industry for their recommendations (usually in London). They were coming up to Edinburgh and invited me on to share my favourite spots in the city for a video they were filming. I have followed them for years so it was a bit of a ‘pinch-me’ moment!”

Q5. What’s next for you?

“I want to continue to expand the travel and lifestyle content I’m sharing alongside my foodie recommendations. I’m also looking to take my expertise outside of social media - from hosting and presenting shows or events, to writing features in more traditional media such as magazines and newspapers.”

Q6. What advice would you give to current Lorettonians?

“It’s okay if you don’t think the traditional path after school into university is for you. Seek opportunities and training in subjects that genuinely interest you and get experience working, and you’ll be in as good a position as any.”

Pippa’s time at Loretto:

“I still look back really fondly on my time at school and speak nearly every day to the friends I made (shoutout to the Garibaldi Gals). Whether it be the excitement of Sixth Form socials in the yard, an ill-fated Gold DofE expedition where we lost a canoe, long rehearsals in the Chapel in the run up to Songfest, Small Choir performances across the UK or just evenings spent in the telephone corridor of Balcarres; I still hold some of my best memories at Loretto.”

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