OL Spotlight - Robyn Barcham (2022)
OL Spotlight - Robyn Barcham (2022)
Monday 31st July 2023
For this OL Spotlight we're delighted to feature Robyn Barcham (2022), who recently competed for Scotland in the U21 European Lacrosse Championship.

Q1. What do you most enjoy about playing lacrosse?

"I love the closeness of working in a tight-knit team. To have that bond and partnership with each other really makes the game what it is. Our squad weekends are always great fun, filled with lots of game time along with other fun competitions and activities."

Q2. What did you learn from your experience at the ELF Championship?

"It was an incredible experience getting the opportunity to play a range of countries, all with different techniques and tactics. The main thing I took away from the experience was what a huge difference sideline support and noise makes to your confidence and gameplay."

Q3. What's next for you?

"I will be trialling for the Scotland U20 team in September, to travel out to the World Championships. These take place in Hong Kong in July 2024 and there will be a number of residentials and tours in preparation for them."

Robyn's time at Loretto:

"I was fortunate to play my last 3 years at Loretto under Mrs Paton’s coaching, which was a great experience that really instilled my love for lacrosse. She was a real inspiration to me and encouraged me to pursue my love for the sport."

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