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London Marathon -Hazel Foot prints
Marina Henderson (2010) is running the London marathon on 24th April to raise money for the charity Hazel’s Footprints, and writes the following;

Hazel's Footprints is an inspiring charity in memory of Hazel Scott Aiton (at Loretto from 1996-2001 who was tragically killed in a car accident when 21 years old, yet in her short life made a huge impact. I was inspired by Hazel’s tireless efforts to raise awareness that education is not available to many living in the poorest areas of the world.

Since 2004, the charity has been providing grants for projects to advance education in severely impoverished communities across the world. In work that spans 5 continents, Hazel’s Footprints has endlessly strived to improve the opportunities available to some of the world’s most poverty-stricken people. They are specialists in identifying both areas and projects where targeted funding can make a real difference, transforming whole communities in a very short space of time.

Further to this amazing work, the charity has helped around 70 volunteers achieve their own dreams of volunteering abroad. Whilst the positive energy of volunteers is often left behind in the form of a new school library (or the slightly less tangible, but equally important, fond memories that are long remembered by local school children), Hazels Footprint’s provides benefits that are two-fold. By helping on local projects, volunteers are treated to eye-opining experiences that inspire many to appreciate the importance of giving back to communities less privileged than our own, even if they are not immediately visible to us in our everyday lives.

I would appreciate all donations, no matter how big or small, to support an incredible charity and provide me with more motivation to keep on running!

Donations can be made at my personal fundraising webpage