OLs vs 1st XI Hockey Match 2024
Tuesday 11th June 2024

It was fantastic to welcome a group of OL Ladies to Loretto for an exciting OLs vs 1st XI Hockey match. Both teams played to a high standard, which was reflected in the final score of 4-4.

OL captain Pip Cantwell (née Graham) (1986) and pupil captain Lily B (U6) were happy with the draw, and delighted to share the trophy.

The match was played in high spirits under glorious blue skies and we're grateful to Mrs Crichton for umpiring. We also thank Lee, Pip's wife, for stepping in as second umpire.

With brunch in the Dining Hall before the match, and cakes and sandwiches afterwards, it was a wholesome and enjoyable day. Thank you again to everyone who played - and we hope to see you all next time!

A full match report from Lily is included below, and you can also view a selection of photographs from the day at:

OLs vs 1st XI Cricket Photographs


OLs vs 1st XI Hockey Match

OL team members: Lucy K.A. Bell (2021), Philippa (Pip) C. Cantwell (née Graham) (1986), Holly F. Corbett (2020), Rachel C. Corbett (2018), Sophie O. Kidd (2021), Anna H.E. Logan (2016), Helen G. Montgomery (2015), Holly Stuart (2021), Sophie A.B. Ward (2016)  

On Sunday 9th June 2024, the 1st XI Girls’ Hockey Team came into School to face a group of Old Lorettonians in Loretto’s first OL Hockey Match. After brunch in the Dining Hall — which some OLs hadn’t visited for many years! — both teams headed to the Astro for a hockey filled day.  

After both teams walked out under the sun, we shook hands and the game commenced with the OLs winning the coin toss to start with pass back. The OLs immediately impressed with their speed, passes and their personalised OL kit, which was a lovely added touch to the day of festivities.  

After some good play from both sides, especially from Lucy Bell in the middle, the OLs quickly went 1-0 up following a goal from Pip Graham, who was most impressive up front. The 1st XI players were slightly rusty, but we found our groove after the first quarter where a cross from Emily L (F4) found Eliza J (F4) on the back post, to put it past OL keeper Helen Montgomery. 

The second quarter began and, despite it being a very hot day, both teams still had high energy and a lot of determination. The Corbett sisters, Rachel and Holly, were a big threat down the right wing as they worked together to out skill the current Lorettonians. They also posed a big threat in the circle when shooting, and it wasn’t long before Rachel skillfully put one in the bottom right corner.  

After more solid and impressive play from both sides, Tamara S (F5) scored a goal for the 1st XI to equal the score. The game was competitive and spirited as both teams played exciting and fast hockey. Although some OLs hadn’t played in years, you couldn’t tell from their performance.  

The third quarter was one in which two more goals were scored, and much skill was shown, especially from younger players such as Matilda R (F5) and Poppy C (F5). Eliza J once again found herself plotting the ball past the line to put the 1st XI 3-2 up, however, a game from the OLs in a penalty corner quickly leveled the score.  

Despite continued good play from the 1st XI, the fourth quarter saw the OLs once again extend their lead as skillful play from Anna Logan and Holly Stuart propelled them forwards towards our circle, where Sophie Ward slotted one past our keeper.  

But very shortly after, brilliant play from the back from Anna B (F5) and Grace M (U6) helped the 1st XI work their way down the pitch and win themselves a penalty corner. In the final few minutes of the game, this was crucial. A strong and accurate injection from Emily L found Lily B (U6) at the first castle, where a further goal was scored.  

At the final whistle from Mrs Crichton — who, along with Pip’s wife, Lee, we thank for umpiring on the day — the score was an impressive 4-4.   

Post-game, both teams found themselves at the refreshment stands, socialising and enjoying some well-earned sandwiches and cakes.  

Overall, the day was full of fun and brilliant hockey, and we were all honoured to take part in this first OL Hockey Match. We very much hope this will become an annual fixture, and long-lasting tradition at Loretto. 

Lily B (U6) 

1st XI Hockey Captain

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