Chameleon Lady
Chameleon Lady
Thursday 07th January 2021
News from the Lorettonian band Chameleon Lady.
Chameleon Lady gave us the low down: “What a few years Chameleon Lady have had. The Scottish Rock/Pop/Folk band, consisting of OLs Cameron A. Middlemass (2017), Robbie I. Hutchison (2017), Kenneth (Kenny) Hutchison (Hon.), Thomas (Tom) J. Middlemass (2013) and Caitlin Hutchison (2013), have really started to take the live music scene by storm. With three very successful tours to France and a sell-out show at the Mash House in Edinburgh, they have cemented themselves as a true up-and-coming band. They also supported the award-winning band Skerryvore in Aberdeen for Hogmanay 2019. Due to the recent pandemic the gigs have dried up. However, the band have really worked hard to write and create new music along with entertaining their fans all over their social media. They have teased that new music is on its way at the end of 2020 and a brand-new EP in 2021. Get ready for a new musical experience and check out all their social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. You can find all their music on all your favourite music streaming sites.”
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