Charlie Yates (2015)
Charlie Yates (2015)
Thursday 12th May 2022
We are pleased to share that OL Charlie has a solo show called 'Breathe' at Aberfeldy's Watermill Gallery, from the 13th May - 19th June 2022. For more information visit Art Gallery in Scotland | Aberfeldy Watermill .

For those of you who would like some more information on Charlie and the inpiration for this show here's a copy of the show's publicity:

This Friday 13th May will see the launch of a unique solo show by Scottish oil painter Charlie Yates. At just 25 years of age, he is a fresh and exciting voice to emerge in the UK art world in recent years.
Running until the 19th of June at Aberfeldy’s Watermill Gallery, ‘Breathe’ is a collection of paintings that showcase Yates’ keen eye for vibrant colour as he brings his vision of world travel, childhood nostalgia, and rare meditative moments to life.
Having graduated from the Glasgow school of Art in 2019, Yates is already a winner of the 2021 Aon Community Art Award, becoming the youngest represented artist of the Open Eye Gallery in Edinburgh. He is proud to have displayed his work alongside the likes of Barbara Rae and John Byrne.
His paintings for the ‘Breathe’ series are an anthology of personal ‘mental souvenirs’, drawing inspiration from partially recalled places and memories from old photographs. This is reflected in his palette and treatment of paint on the canvas. The foundation of Yates’ work is informed by sketches, written documentation, and photographs from 1950s to 1970s. The use of a limited palette makes for an atmospheric and evocative interpretation of images from the past.
The often-equivocal application of brush strokes to the canvas or board imitates the natural fading of both memory and colour. Conjuring a sense of being ‘somewhere else’ and the exceptional, exotic light of foreign locations brings a poignant approach to the world after a time of such limited movement and travel. Yates has an innate understanding of line, perspective and light and this, combined with an interesting palette and texture, is demonstrated through his interior** paintings.
He says: ‘Much of my work is influenced by travel, taking inspiration from different places I have been lucky enough to visit and people I have met along the way. The pandemic completely changed my approach to this work, becoming more introspective whilst seeking to conjure the inspiration for this exhibition. It is a culmination of my upbringing and my life experiences to date, from my Mum’s artistic talent and my Dad’s design prowess, to my own exploration of people and places that I admire.’
Initially taking inspiration from other works he has previously completed, and then altering them to take them further away from reality, ultimately submerging him in abstraction. Yates’ most recent paintings have welcomed the use of a more limited palette and interesting bold textures, creating thought-provoking and intimate depictions, reflecting feelings of loneliness and isolation, a universal experience over the past few years. For example, his painting entitled ‘Cala Tarida’, which is based on memories of his days spent on the beautiful island of Ibiza, will evoke feelings of tranquillity with its bold blue transitions and sense of flow.
As Yates moves further into exploring abstraction, we see an interesting process evolving. Large brushstrokes and visible, vertical lines made by these create the base of many of these works. Texture is also created in the initial layer of paint using different materials, including cloths, to wipe back mistakes and reapply the chosen colours in the base layer of the paintings. He has been inspired by artists such as Elizabeth Ogilvy, Patrick Hughes, John Byrne, Ken Curry and, more recently, Callum Innes who have advised him in refining his style.
Yates continues: ‘Despite being irrefutably inspired by the art, I want portray timelessness within the candid moments, producing works that can inspire viewers to reminisce on their own experiences through relatable scenes of the everyday.’
Gallery Here:2022 Charlie Yates
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