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Camilla Gobourn (2010)
Thursday 14th December 2023
For this OL Spotlight we're delighted to feature former Head Girl Camilla Gobourn (2010), founder of jewellery and accessories brand CANTIK by Camilla.

Q1. What inspired you to launch CANTIK by Camilla?

"Whilst recovering in Bali from chronic fatigue, I was inspired by the digital nomads and creatives around me in the town of Canggu and thought - I can do this?! With a number of years behind me in advertising, I wanted to upskill and learn more about e-commerce and working for myself. I was already building a collection of gold jewellery with a local supplier and it was from this that CANTIK was born! And what started as a small business venture in Christmas 2019 has evolved into what it is today."

Q2. What’s been your biggest success so far?

“My biggest success with CANTIK so far has been getting onto the Wolf & Badger platform - that was a big day for me. Being recognised by them as one of the world's best independent brands - considering it's just myself, my mum (head of dispatch!) and my small team of artisans in Bali - felt very rewarding. Seeing my jewellery on TV shows such as Made in Chelsea has also been pretty cool!”

Q3. What’s the most rewarding aspect of running your own business?

"Being able to support my amazing suppliers in Bali and also the work of Crisis Kitchen Bali has been amazing - we donate to this charity with every sale. It's also been an incredible opportunity to work remotely and for myself. It's given me the freedom to work from lots of different countries, including Bali, Cape Town and now London."

Q4. What's next for you?

"Historically, CANTIK by Camilla has been my side hustle. But after working in the film industry with the strikes, CANTIK became a full-time hustle - which I feel very grateful for. I have so much respect for anyone who works for themselves, as it's not easy, but let's see what 2024 holds!"

Camilla's time at Loretto:

“I had such a happy time at Loretto and still have an amazing network of friends from school. A number of Loretto pals came to visit me in Bali and have supported me with my venture, and I'm so grateful.”

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