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Anna Dakin (2011)
Monday 15th January 2024

For our latest OL Spotlight we're delighted to feature Anna Dakin (2011), artist, tour guide and founder of Art Tours of Australia. 

To find out more about Anna's business, head to theartistexpeditionsociety.com. You can also read a more in-depth article about Anna on Suitcase.

Q1. What is The Artist Expedition Society?

"I started The Artist Expedition Society during my time at the Royal College of Art as a way to get fellow art students out of the city and into wild environments. That developed into a business called Art Tours of Australia, where I take people on adventures into the outback to make their own art outdoors, connect with the landscape and learn about Aboriginal art and culture."

Q2. What inspired you to launch Art Tours of Australia?

“I hiked the Larapinta Trail solo with a backpack full of paints when I was 21, and I wanted to share that experience with other people. The ancient landscapes made me feel like anything was possible, so I came up with a plan to develop my skills in order to start my own business in a country I didn't know very well.”

Q3. What's been your biggest success so far?

"I’ve won a few awards this year - Top Tour Guide in the Northern Territory, and the Silver award for my guiding at an Australian national level. My business was awarded the Best New Tourism Business in the Northern Territory a few weeks ago, and I’ve also worked with a number of film crews this year including The Today Show, Discovery Channel, Channel 9 and Channel 10."

Q4. What's next for you?

"I'm hoping to grow my business here in Central Australia, and to eventually set up similar operations in other parts of the world."

Anna's time at Loretto:

"I have fond memories surrounding the art block - especially of the night a couple of us broke into the art room to paint after hours! We were encouraged to experiment in that art room and it was the part of School I felt most comfortable in. I enjoyed having access to oil paints and a semi permanent space in which to paint during my final year.”

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