The Lorettonian Society
Alex Lindsay (1971)
Well done to Alex Lindsay (1971) for completing this spectacular model of HMDS Jylland!

Some words from Alex:

“In September 2022, I completed the building of a model of HMDS Jylland that notionally took 40 years! The model was purchased in 1983. The plank on frame hull portion was built over the next two years on a part-time basis. The model was then set aside for 37 years: talk about procrastination. The "sprint to the finish" took over 1,250 hours from February 2021 to September 2022 while under Covid-19 restrictions and included a "journal" covering its build of over 275 pages. The Jylland was/is a wooden, sail/steam driven Danish frigate launched in 1860. It currently resides in drydock in Ebeltoft, Denmark after extensive restoration from 1984 to 1994."