The Lorettonian Society
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Match Manager:McInroy, Charles Torquil Hamilton, Mr
Finished in 2nd Place

Final Standings
1st Place Merchiston (47 holes up & 4 wins)
2nd Place - Loretto (18 holes up and 4 wins)
3rd Place - Fettes (5 hole sup and 2 1/2 wins)
4th Place - Glenalmond (3 holes up and 2 wins)
5th Place - Edinburgh Academy (18 holes down and 2 wins)
6th Place - Strathallan (4 holes down and 1/2 win)

Who Played
Allen, Michael James0.0
Arthur, Duncan Robert, Mr3.0
Arthur, Peter Alistair Kennedy6.0
Blair, Cameron Robert Balfour
Brown, Douglas Muirhead Birnie2.0
Galloway, Adam
Higgins, Ronan Euan Alexander, Mr4.0
McInroy, Charles Torquil Hamilton, Mr2.0
O'Neill, Craig Stewart
Westwell, Joel Christian0.0
Wraight, Adam Edward Helier5.0
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