The Lorettonian Society
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The Lorettonian Society was founded in 1947 to help former Pupils of Loretto keep in touch with each other and with the School. It has been uniquely successful in fostering a lasting and personal interest in Old Lorettothe School amongst former Pupils. The Lorettonian Magazine, which has a large section of Old Lorettonian news and information, is sent every year to all OL’s throughout the world.
Membership includes virtually all those who have been educated at Loretto. There are also a number of Honorary Members who have been elected in recognition of their contribution to the life and welfare of the School. The Society has six regions both within the UK and abroad and the present mailing list numbers around 4300 members.

The Society sponsors an annual dinner alternately at Loretto and in London. Each summer Loretto DayModern Dining Hall brings together many members at the School for a day which includes a Chapel Service and cricket between Old Lorettonians and the School. The Society's branches also organise local dinners or other events from time to time. Details of forthcoming events may be found on this website.
Since its founding, the Society’s members have contributed very large sums for buildings and scholarships at Loretto through appeals, legacies and the Loretto Foundation.
The Society has close links with its associated organisations, the Old Lorettonian Golfing Society, the Fettesian-Lorettonian Club, and the Fet-Lor Youth Club, for whom details are on this website.

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