The Lorettonian Society
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  1. That the name of the Society be "The Old Lorettonian Golfing Society".
  2. That all Old Lorettonians be eligible for election by the consent of the Committee.
  3. That the Officers of the Society shall be the President, the Captain and the Honorary Secretary, who shall each hold office for three years, but shall be eligible for re-election.
  4. That the affairs of the Society be managed by a Committee consisting of the Officers and up to five other members. One member of the Committee other than the Officers shall retire each year but shall be eligible for re-election for the ensuing year.
  5. That at a Committee Meeting, three shall form a quorum, provided that either the Captain or the Honorary Secretary be amongst the number. Committee Meetings shall be held when required for the purpose of electing members and for transacting other business, as directed by the Committee.
  6. That the Committee shall have powers to use the funds of the Society in whatever way they consider necessary.
  7. That the Committee shall have power to elect as an Honorary Life Member any member of the Society who has made a significant contribution to the Society and to golf in general, and as an Honorary Member any person connected with the School, although he or she is not an Old Lorettonian.
  8. That the General Meeting of the Society shall be held at the time of the Annual Meeting of the Society, at which General Meeting the Committee shall present a Report and Statement of Account for the preceding financial year.
  9. That the Committee may at any time convene a Special General Meeting of the Society.
  10. That there shall be no entry fee and that the annual subscription, which shall be agreed by members present at each Annual General Meeting, shall be payable to the Society on 1st January each year. However, and only for School Leavers, there is a modest one-off subscription (see Application Form for details) with nothing further to pay until the age of 25.
  11. That a copy of the rules of the Society and a list of members shall be sent to each newly elected member.
  12. That a list of fixtures shall be sent to each member annually.
  13. That at least one meeting of the Society shall be held annually.
  14. That any member shall have power to arrange a match between the Society and any recognised Golf Club or other Society, after obtaining permission of the Committee through the Secretary.
  15. That the Committee shall elect the teams to represent the Society in any competition which the Society may enter.
  16. That any member liable to pay a subscription but who has failed to do so by 31st March, despite at least one reminder from the Honorary Secretary, will be assumed to have resigned from the Society.